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Mission is a Gift

It all began when Archbishop Tomash Peta (being a priest back then) visited Discalced Carmelite Monastery of the Holy Nativity in Tryszczyn asking for a spiritual sister who would support his upcoming mission to Kazakhstan with a prayer. This prayer was the beginning of the Discalced Carmelite presence in Kazakhstan. There were no cloistered Monasteries practicing a contemplative prayer in Kazakhstan as well as in the entire Central Asia.
Since his first appearance, Father Peta visited this Carmelite Monastery every year until 1996 when he brought a new message for the Sisters. Jan Paul Lenga, MIC (a retired bishop of the diocese of Karaganda) was appealing to the Carmelite Sisters for a visit “to see if a Carmelite Monastery could be founded in Kazakhstan.” Discalced Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Nativity responded. Not only had they visited Karaganda. They stayed here forever.

It took Carmelite Sisters a few years and a few trips to build the Monastery. They found an abandoned kindergarten where they thought a Monastery would stand. The building renovation started in 1998 and lasted a year until the first Holy Mass was celebrated on April 7, 1998. Since that day of the first Eucharistic worship a common life of the Discalced Carmelites sisters in Kazakhstan began. Now a daily Eucharist and Liturgy of the Word are served in the Monastery’s Chapel. This Chapel was built later in 2000. The official blessing was conducted during the Holy Mass by Jan Paul Lenga, MIC on December 06, 2000.
There are nine Discalced Carmelite Sisters living in The Monastery of the Holy Trinity and
the Immaculate Conception in Karaganda. Five of them came from Poland and five came from Kazakhstan. 
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